Micro 1910
Cold Brew

Introducing the Micro 1910 Nitro Can.

Micro 1910<br />
<span>Cold</span> Brew

We are Cold Brew

Brewed at the heart of Montreal, COLD BREW by Micro 1910 represents the perfect blend between an honest passion for coffee roasting and a strong sense of design aestheticism sought after by most coffee lovers. Backed by Café Union’s more than 100 years of coffee roasting experience, James spent several years researching the best flavour profiles as well as ways to bottle and preserve an unprecedented quality of cold-brew coffee. This way, you can now enjoy COLD BREW by Micro 1910, not only one of the longest lasting bottled cold-brew coffee on the market, but also pretty much the best tasting cold-brew there is.

The best coffee deserves the best image, which is why James partnered up with Mookieyams to bring you the perfect concoction of design savvy bottling and perfectly balanced cold-brew coffee.

Nitro Blend


All natural
unsweetened & fair trade.

1 calorie

Only 1 calorie
per 355mL can.


in Montreal.

Unsweetened, our medium roast cold brewed coffee has a rich
balanced flavor. The 20 hours steeping process extracts all the flavor
and more caffeine, without the acidity.

The Facts

  • Roasted and Blended by Café Union
  • Brewed for 18 hours
  • Ready to drink format
  • 4 months refrigerated shelf life
  • Unsweetened, our fair trade organic
    blend has a natural flavor and is a low acid coffee

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